“The 3 R’s Through God’s Eyes”  3-31-19

“Living out a Strong Faith” Part 2  2/17/19 Pastor Conner

“Living Out Strong Faith”  2/3/19  Pastor Conner

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“Don’t Just Stand There, Pray Something”  1/20/19  Pastor Conner

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“Christmas Isn’t Over Yet”  1/6/19   Pastor Conner

“Christmas Isn’t Over Yet”  12/30/18  Guest Speaker Tim McHugh

“God Still Loves the World”  12/23/18  Pastor Conner

“I’ve got the Joy, Joy, Joy Dow in My Heart” 12/16/18  Pastor Conner

“Longing For Peace?”  12/09/18  Pastor Conner

“Hope in Apocalyptic Anxiety”  12/02/18  Pastor Conner

“A Transformed Community in Union with Christ”  11/18/18  Pastor Conner

“A Hidden Life”  11/11/18  Pastor Conner

“The Communion of Saints” 10/28/18  Pastor Conner

“Who Do You Say I Am”  10/14/18

“A Case For God” 10/7/18

“In Christ” 9/30/18

“Blessed, Broken, and Given and Given, and Given” 9/26/18  (There was some technical difficulty with this message)

“Let Them See You”  9/16/18

“Extravagant Sower” 9-9-18  (There was some technical difficulty at the beginning of the message)

“Freedom”  9/2/18

“Witnessing or Being a Witness” 8/26/18

“To Love, and to Be Loved”  8/19/18

“Brought Through the Waters”  8/12/18

“Body Building 101”  8/5/18

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Living for Jesus 7/22/18

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“Tag You’re it”

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Reliance on God for Stability 5/13/18

Pastor Conner Sermon on Nehemiah  5-6-18

The Name, the Power and the Blood of Jesus,  Rev. Carol Scarth 4/29/18

Immediate Prayer 4/22/18

Prayer, Prayer, and More Prayer 4/15/18

The Emmaus Way 4/08/18

Fragrance of Life  4/1/18

Preparation 3/25/18

Sweet Fragrance 3/18/18

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His Presence 3/4/18

Vines and Branches 2/4/18

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An Encounter With God  1/21/18

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Message by Rev. Scarth   12/31/17



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