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As a person’s heart is so are we before the Lord. Let your heart take courage, all who wait for the Lord.  Very few Christians have a sense of the great difference between the religion of the mind and the religion of the heart.  How do we by faith “wait” upon the Lord?  Is it a mental ascent?  Is it positive thinking?  Is it complete trust in your Lord God? http://FB@ClaremoreStAndrews...

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Ash Wednesday and Lent

Posted By on Feb 13, 2018

I believe there is some misunderstanding about Ash Wednesday.  So, I thought I might give an explanation about what our Ash Wednesday Service will be about.  Question???? Ash Wednesday emphasizes a dual encounter: we confront our own mortality and confess our sin before God within the community of faith.  The themes are sin and death in the light of God’s redeeming love in Jesus Christ The use of ashes as a sign of mortality and...

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Almost Time to Prune

Posted By on Jan 30, 2018

February 14 is not only Ash Wednesday, Valentine’s Day, but the day I set aside to prune my roses.  To get the larges, most healthy, strongest roses in order to have blooms that I love, I have to prune back the limbs.  At first, it looks like I have ruined my roses.  There is a lot of work in growing roses. Pruning is one of the biggest jobs, then keeping them fed and watered, and mulched will get the best blooms. In John 15 we...

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The Spirit Gives Birth to Spirit

Posted By on Jan 28, 2018

In Intercessory prayer, the Spirit is praying through you. This is the experience that Jesus was trying to explain to Nicodemus when he said, “You have to be reborn (John 3:3).  One has to die before one can be born again.  (John 3:3).  One has to die before one can be reborn.  Nicodemus replied,” How can someone go back into the womb?”  Jesus continued,  ” You do not understand what I am talking about.  I am...

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Grace is the presence and action of Christ at every moment of our lives.  The sacraments are ritual actions in which Christ is present in a special manner, confirming and sustaining the major commitment of our Christian lives…in Baptism the false self is ritually put to death, the new self is born, and the victory over sin won by Jesus through his death and resurrection is placed at our disposal.  Nor our uniqueness as person,...

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