Almost Time to Prune

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February 14 is not only Ash Wednesday, Valentine’s Day, but the day I set aside to prune my roses.  To get the larges, most healthy, strongest roses in order to have blooms that I love, I have to prune back the limbs.  At first, it looks like I have ruined my roses.  There is a lot of work in growing roses. Pruning is one of the biggest jobs, then keeping them fed and watered, and mulched will get the best blooms.

In John 15 we hear a similar story.  The Master gardener prunes the vines of the Vineyard in order to get the best fruit for the Kingdom.  Staying connected to the Master Vine is the first priority of the vines.  Vines in and of themselves have no power to bear fruit.  Vines must be connected to the Master Vine for in that connection is the Life of the vines.

Our life is to stay connected to the Master. Pruning is part of the life of the vine and is in the best interest of the vines.

What is the ways that you stay connected to the Master?   John 15

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