Presence and Action of Christ in Our Lives

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Grace is the presence and action of Christ at every moment of our lives.  The sacraments are ritual actions in which Christ is present in a special manner, confirming and sustaining the major commitment of our Christian lives…in Baptism the false self is ritually put to death, the new self is born, and the victory over sin won by Jesus through his death and resurrection is placed at our disposal.  Nor our uniqueness as person, but our senses of separation from God and from others is destroyed  in the death-dealing and life-giving waters of Baptism…The Eucharist is the celebration of life: the coming together of all the material elements of the cosmos, their emergence to consciousness in human persons and the transformation of human consciousness into Divine consciousness.  It is the manifestation of the Divine in and through the Christian community.  We receive the Eucharist in order to become the Eucharist.

Exodus 33:14 My Presence will go with you

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